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About Me

I discovered Pilates in my twenties after being diagnosed with a herniated disc in the lower back. The specialist consultant advised that a program of prescriptive pilates exercises would manage the condition, prevent pain and more importantly avoid future operations.


I have been practicing Pilates ever since and I am an advocate of its benefits which include supporting life-long medical conditions, injury prevention and managing stress.


I was trained by Cherry Baker, one of the UK’s Leading Pilates practitioners. I hold the highest qualification available in mat based Pilates and have been teaching for over 15 years. Following the success of Poynton Pilates I'm now running new classes at Bramhall Pilates.


About Modern Pilates

Modern Pilates is a respected and reputable training organisation and is trusted within the industry. Modern Pilates brings Joseph Pilates’ Classical approach into the 21st century by combining his principles with recent research. This clinical approach has been devised by physiotherapists and Modern Pilates was instrumental in the development of Pilates training courses in the UK. Modern Pilates was the first organisation in the UK to gain YMCA Qualifications approval.


What is the difference between Classical, Contemporary and Modern Pilates?


Classical Pilates follows as closely as possible to Joseph Pilates' original work, his exercises and the order in which they were performed

Contemporary Pilates is based partly on Joseph Pilates' work but with modifications to the exercises so that they fit with modern research

Modern Pilates is unique as it offers Contemporary Pilates with a clinical approach as the exercises have been designed in conjunction with physiotherapists and recent research. Many of the exercises remain the same but allowances are made for injury rehabilitation and creativity by the teacher.

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