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Fully Qualified

Modern Pilates Instructor

What people say

Julia M

I tried the Alexandra technique, an ostiopath and other pilates lessons but Jane's classes are by far the best. Can't recommend her highly enough!

Fran R

Jane's class is fantastic, I started a couple of months ago with a really bad back and now I am pain free!
Jane is a great teacher and I really look forward to going every week. I cannot recommend this class highly enough.

Anne M

I have been going to Jane's Pilates class for a few months now, on the advice of my chiropractor. It really has improved my core, my flexibility and all manner of aches and pains.

The benefits

Increased mobility & flexibility

Promote better posture & aid rehabilitation

Strengthen core areas including stomach, bottom & spine

Prevent hip, shoulder, knee and back pain

Body condition, relax & unwind

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